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Ferros PG Productos Generales del Hierro S.L.|

Telephone Office and Warehouse (+34) 93 640 24 86

Iron warehouse and distribution of iron and steel for construction and industry

HomeOur productsDecorative wrought iron

Ironwork, decorative ironwork and ornamental wrought iron

Traditional and avant-garde forging forging

We offer a wide range of items forging of different designs, styles, shapes and sizes to provide solutions Tando decorative, ornamental, artistic or constructive whether traditional and avant-garde.

Forgings for doors and gates community

Ironwork doors for foreign entries

Wrought iron double doors for residential tickets

Wrought iron double doors for houses

Wrought iron gates and fences window

Separators and dividers in wrought iron

Wrought iron fences and railings for porches

Wrought iron fencing and enclosures for parks, patios and terraces

Low fences forging for urban gardens

Decorative wrought iron windows and windows

Wrought iron gates and fences

Doorknobs, handles and details in wrought iron and wrought iron

Railings and finials in wrought iron stair

Decorative wrought iron balconies in

Balconies and windowsills in forging craft

Handrails wrought iron interior

Bars and decorative elements in wrought iron

Closures forging outdoor pools

Spanish and traditional forge for fencing

Ornamental wrought iron for terrace enclosures

Wrought iron windows for exterior walls

Modern, artistic, classic and traditional forge

Forging decorative finishes for gardens and outdoor

Old gates in handmade and ornamental wrought iron

Ferros PG Productos Generales del Hierro S.L. · Almacén de hierros y distribución de hierros y aceros para la construcción y la industria
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